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About us

Drang boards are built in house in Salt Lake City Utah, USA. We build decks for every discipline of skating and for every human size.  Our shop combines hand and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine processes for building decks.  We get started by laminating hard maple, and a variety of Fiberglass and Carbon weaves and shaping each deck on the routing table or on the CNC machine.  With our DTG printing process we can lay your full color high res graphic image directly onto wood, fiberglass, or carbon Fiber for the perfect minimalist approach to beautiful skateboards and less material cost.  Due to this process, and specifically due to our lack of a heat roller machine for application of graphics to finished decks, our decks are built with the graphic in mind first.  The printer lays down your image onto the bottom/top sheet of what will become your deck.  Due to this and the high level of custom ability with Drang boards, we carry more raw stock than built decks.  We do keep our own deck models in stock generally, and we always keep wood and material stock ready to build boards in any quantity up to 100 decks per order for new customers.  Pricing for some skateboards can be as low as $15/deck for orders of 100 or more.