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New decks and new custom shapes coming!

Posted by Justin Nelson on

Update, the website seems not to be calculating the cost of the options.  I'll give the next 3 people who order free carbon fiber as an add on to any board which has it as an option..  The Doobie, and The Dasher both have the carbon option.  

We have been dealing with technical difficulties, but now the entire site is working. The old cart is found in the custom tab on the top menu (left side of the screen).  The new cart only has 8 boards inside it so far, and raw unpressed layups.  We will be replacing the old custom cart with a completely with new sets of options on decks for every discipline of skating which thanks to Shopify and Bold Product options will be very well put together which will allow anyone to order plies and other materials, blanks and decks in any quantity.  Also inside the builders corner, we're going to be adding tons of different tools for building boards by hand, such as truck hole punch templates, shaping templates, wheel well templates, molds, and whatever else we can think of to help the world build more skateboards.  We're opening up 2017 ahead of time this year. 100 new shapes are coming to the website soon, all with custom options. Please feel free to email us jared@dranglongboards, and with any geometry or graphic questions respectively. Here are a bunch of shapes (non cut out shapes). 


Drang Custom shapes non cut out boards symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes list growing

The top row has a few duplicates, and the shapes are out of order, but the rest are in order by length, starting with 26" cruiser going up to 47" DK shape. 

Drang 8.0 Skate deck design 31.75" Length 14" Wheel base 13.3° concave symmetrical mold
This is the 14" WB mold, with 8.0 symmetrical shape.
Kicktails are symmetrical on this mold, and the
Concave reaches 13.3°

Drang 8.5 Skate deck design 32.25" Length 14.5" Wheel base 13.3° concave symmetrical mold
Here is the 14.5" WB mold with 8.5" symmetrical shape.
Kicktails: Symmetrical
Concave reaches 13.3°

Drang 9.25 Skate deck design 34" Length 15.5 Wheel base bold concave symmetrical mold
15.5" Wheelbase
34" Length
9.25" Width
Symmetrical mold and shape

Drang 9.4 Skate deck design 36.5" Length 18" Wheel base high angle° concave symmetrical mold Goldilocks zone kicktails
36.5" Ditch Digger
18" WB
Symmetrical mold
Concave: Elliptical through.

Here are some new ideas I'm diggin on right now. Germain Dageville's rider model is coming out before newyears with a bunch of other decks. This one I haven't rendered a clean file with the rear W included, but truth be told, this deck and most of our decks, like the Cedric Scheers rider model, and all our other shapes we're able to offer custom W concaves, anywhere in the platform.  

2017 Drang Dageville 36" Length 10.25"-7.5" tapered width Wheel base 25.5"-26.5" Front .375 drop with .125" flares, and rear slant rocker starting in the middle and running to the truck mounts
37.75" Dageville
Width: 10.25 tapers to 7.5" at the front and rear inner rear truck mount holes
25.5-26.5" WB
Front drop .375"
Rocker: .375 Slant rocker in rear starting at center of platform "
Concave: Elliptical with rear W
Concave: Elliptical through.

2017 Drang Prototype with 26-29" WB 35.8" Length 10" Width, front .5" Drop, rear slant rocker, with rear flush mount
This one is the same as the previous one but I added a bit more drop, and removed the concave flares. Also, the slant rocker in the rear goes up through the truck mounts, so you can stand anywhere on the platform.
Might name it the Dagnab
Length 35.8"
Width 10 max right now, but I might bring it down. The taper which begins in the center goes down to 8.8" though.
Wheel base: 26"-29"
Drop: front .5"
Rear Slant rocker matching
Bottom flush mount in the rear only

2017 Drang Dodger deck 37.75" Length 9.5" Width 23-26" Wheel base with .375" full length rocker and 15° kick tail and snub nose with huge flares
I may have already showed you the Cedric Sheers rider model
Length: 38.75"
Width: 9.5
Wheel base 23"-26"
Flat bottom concave with flares with radial concave
15° kicktail snub nose
flush mounts

2017 Drang Dasher deck 36.5" Length 9.4" Width 21, 23.5,26,28.5" WB options all the way out the tail. plus mild rocker, and scalped wheel flares elliptical concave and beautiful platform
Here is the Dasher 36.5" for 2017
Length 36.5"
Width 9.4" max
Wheel base 21, 23.5, 26, 28.5 with many different configs
Concave: slight elliptical with flares which are scalped off for a smooth kicktail/concave transtision
This deck is so rad we have been planning and prototyping this tail for 5 years, and the concave transition along with it. We're happy that we can build it now with just the push of a button. Order up on the website.

2017 Drang Dharma longboard deck 36.5" Length 9.75"-8.25" Width 25"-26" Wheel base, with 24" platform rocker, rear W custom options
2017 Dharma directional longboard deck 35.5" Length 9.75"-8.25" Width 25"-26" Wheel base rocker 24" platform W concave in rear only 

2017 Destroyer downhill freeride longboard deck 35" Length 9.5" Width 24"-27" Wheel base options symmetrical [platform width and mold .5" slant rocker flush mounts middle W island to gently cup your arches but not the outer toes2017 Destroyer (Michael Apgood rider model)
Length: 35"
Width: 9.5" symmetrical taper to 9" at inner truck mounts
Wheel base: 24"-27"
Concave: .7" Deep tub concave with 15" long W concave 
Rocker: .5" double apex rocker 


There are so many more decks we have designed and build, which will be coming out this year.  We love you!  


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